Thank you for the kind words...
Eric & Tyesha  
Chicago |USA

During our stay at The Retreat, Costa Rica resort, my husband and I attended the daily yoga classes instructed by Sophie. Needless to say, she’s an amazing instructor. She has a very calm and soothing voice, and she knows her stuff! She was very attentive to our “struggles” and would often, gently guide us to the correct positioning. We’ve been practicing yoga for close to a year now, through classes, DVD’s, etc. and for the first time in Sophie’s class, we actually felt the difference and some of the wonderful benefits of yoga! She’s knowledgeable in many other things as well, as she is interested in taking a more holistic approach to mind, body and soul.

Surrey |UK

I got to know Sophie for the first time back in winter 2016, when i was about to run my first marathon. Your Pilates on Equipment training is nothing like I have ever experienced: it is dynamic, it focuses every single time on a different part of the body, it helped with flexibility but also strength, it relaxed my over retracted muscles but also made the smaller muscles work. It is the perfect combo between doing sport to keep fit, and take a break to make your body restore fro the road. THANK YOU!

London |UK

Intelligent, empowering, safe and challenging. Right up my street. Atomically speaking over depth every time.

Surrey |UK

I'm so grateful to have stumbled across one of your classes, love how you explain the meaning & philosophy of the name of some of the poses, helping us to embody the characteristics of the postures. Your classes lift me without being too strenuous. Just lovely.