FASCIA Movement

Fascia, the most ubiquitous connective tissue in the body, is creating a buzz in the fitness industry. The importance of this multi-faceted network is only starting to be understood. Explore the latest research findings on the neuromyofascial skeletal system, by trying one of the ZEN•GA classes below, where emphasis is on movement variables including Bounce, Sense, Expand and Hydrate and feel the therapeutic affect this has on your body.


ZEN•GA™ is an innovative fusion of exercise science and mindful movement incorporating elements of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi.that brings about clarity of the mind while releasing body tension through purposeful movement. ZEN represents the search for inner discovery, while YOGA symbolises the way to reach it. Together they form ZEN•GA, which is based on Four Mindful Movement Principles: breath, support, yield and flow. The increase in demand on your neuromuscular system allows you to reap the benefits of improved strength, clarity and overall fitness. 

ZEN•GA® Flow

The Zen•Ga™ Flow class engages both the mind and body. It improves awareness of how the body and mind work together by focusing on core stability, stamina and resilience while attaining a state of presence. By working the neuromuscular system it improves strength, enhances elasticity and helps develop a more youthful, resilient and fluid body. It increases circulation, stimulates the central nervous system and improves flexibility all while strengthening the mind-body connection.

Breathing & Fascia Release

This unique workout is based on the foundation that proper breathing is the key to a healthy, nourished and vibrant body. By focusing on breathing techniques and mobility of the spine, hips and shoulders, these exercises aim to improve posture, relieve negative tension and strengthen your core!

Power & Strength

Energise both your body and mind with this fluid, but powerful workout. Experience first-hand how the mindful movement principles of the ZEN•GA™ method in a routine that brings calm and peace to the mind and strength and control to the body. This mat-based routine includes foundational, meditative motion and an in-depth focus on core stability. It provides the ideal combination of breath with fluid movements, resulting in enhanced flexibility and improved total-body strength.