Hi, I'm Sophie

I'm an ex corporateer, who worked 12 years for a company through its growth spurt to become one of the top 10 listed Forbes global companies. I'm also a daughter, a sister, cousin, an aunty, a niece, a granddaughter and a friend (I am also a star gazer, a counsellor, a foodie, a chef, an adventurer, a coach, an entertainer, and a multi-tasking wonder women etc!)


But, most importantly, I am Sophie. I am me. Striving to be the best version of me, trying to be the happy go lucky, fun loving girl that I used to be, before I allowed my work life to rule over my life. I have always been a hard worker, and always found myself in global companies that were new to the UK market and were growing their market share in their industry, I loved the buzz of driving for results, and getting them results. Now I am focusing on doing the same but on a more personal level, touching peoples lives by sharing my passion and love for fitness & wellbeing.


Sophie’s Health & Fitness journey began many years ago after a burn-out at work, where she climbed the career ladder, moving away from friends & family gaining recognition in promotions, it was all very exciting but then without a support network, and a good work life balance, it all got on top of her, that what she thought was measles or chicken pox was actually her body telling her something else, she was stressed. Her stress related illness, grew into depression and she moved back to London. The only thing that could lift her was exercise, practicing YOGA and the new class on the gym schedule PILATES, that soon after she stopped taking the tablets prescribed by her physician.


Sophie instantly fell in love with this new anatomy based class Pilates, that she began her study of the biomechanics, physiology and anatomy of the body, 6 months later Sophie passed her Pilates instructor exam. Five years later she travelled to Toronto, Canada and completed her level 2 advanced training and ISP (Injuries & Special populations) training. With all her Physiology, Anatomy, Rehab knowledge & experience, she went back to her first love of YOGA studying traditional Hatha Yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga.

Since then her passion for Health & Wellbeing has led her across the globe seeking out teachers to nourish her further. With over a thousand hours of training and a zeal for sharing the gems of knowledge of the body and mind with her students, Sophie's teaching reflects her diverse in-depth studies, broad influences and passionate heart. From traditional Hatha yoga, to chanting from the Vedic scriptures, Psychology in Astrology to Kinesiology in Chinese Medicine traditions; Sophie's classes inspire, uplift and provoke curiosity.

Her multi-level inclusive classes embrace and honour each student's needs. Her holistic, full spectrum classes incorporate long holds yet dynamic movements focusing on integrity in the body, anatomical precision, breath work and meditation to address mind, body & heart. 

Classes are non-dogmatic and non-competitive encouraging an open heart and a quiet mind.


Sophie also teaches restorative, pregnancy yoga & pilates, athletic conditioning classes as well as meditation.

Each week Sophie builds a new sequence with a particular philosophical or anatomical theme, so prepare to be kept on your toes as you explore mobility, flexibility and strength. Every class and variation has a rationale in the the context of each sequence, so feel free to ask Sophie ‘why?’ 

Sophie is deeply grateful to all the teachers and the wisdom of the teachings that have helped her on her path.


  • Broke her wrist in Guatemala July 2018 

  • She use to train race horses for a living

  • Wanted to be vet when she was younger

  • She's a certified Pole Dancing Instructor

  • Has climbed 3056m trekking the Himalayas Nepal 

  • Met the Queen at her Windsor home in 2013

  • Was physically overweight at a 84kg in 2017

  • Has dyed her hair every colour but green!